Common Themes for Victims of Bullying

None of these things should happen and they’re all bullshit. But here they are:   “Alpha” Moments I’ve heard some say they bullied because they had an “alpha” moment with the other person. So they pick on people because they have a big ego and feel the need to unjustly put someone else down or … Continue reading

“Revenge” Gets an undeserved Bad Rep

It’s strange. Some people are allowed and even encouraged to get revenge on someone when they are wronged in life. And some people often do successfully. But for others, the world constantly tells them that revenge is wrong; that they shouldn’t hit back, argue, get the last word or insult, etc. But why the hell … Continue reading

Dumb Girls

I’m talking about dumb girls that supposedly like you, but instead of just telling you or at least being nice to you; they tease or and are really mean to you. I ABSOLUTELY HATE BITCHES LIKE THAT. For one thing, it’s usually girls who are unattractive that are like that. So they’re ugly and they’re … Continue reading

Lying to Kids About “Good Always Triumphs over Evil”

It’s wrong, it’s mean, it sets up good kids to grow up to be disappointed, and it sets them up ultimately for failure. Good people do not always win or come out on top. In fact the polar opposite is true. They usually don’t. Bad people usually win and reap the benefits of life. And … Continue reading

Indirectness in Bullying

In a lot of environments, like high school or if you work in certain environments; bullying is more direct and obvious. But after childhood in certain environments, it is more subtle. Bullies will disrespect you in subtle ways and of course people won’t want to discuss it. If other people see it, they won’t want … Continue reading

There is no Such Thing as “Tough love”

The phrase “tough love” is one of the biggest oxymorons I’ve ever heard. Basically some people just like to be mean, so they just try to put a positive spin on it to make it look like they’re doing something good. People have rationalized by being what they call “hard on someone”, that’s a good … Continue reading