Dumb Girls

I’m talking about dumb girls that supposedly like you, but instead of just telling you or at least being nice to you; they tease or and are really mean to you. I ABSOLUTELY HATE BITCHES LIKE THAT.

For one thing, it’s usually girls who are unattractive that are like that. So they’re ugly and they’re obviously bad people with no sense of ethics if they can’t even treat people right. And I’m not looking for a dumb broad who’s just out to play games, be manipulative, or “test” the guy that she likes. That’s fuckin stupid. These bitches are stupid and I HATE THEM. That’s bad logic. So they like a guy, but they want to drive him crazy and make his life miserable by picking on him and being mean to him? They want to make life hard for him? That’s bad logic and it makes no sense. That’s not someone I would want a relationship with. That’s someone who I consider my enemy.

Women Are Racist (In dating)

Growing up, I didn’t think that it would be hard to date outside of my race. I thought that most people were at least open to it nowadays. But I see that I was wrong. Most women prefer to date men of their own race. This applies to all groups of women, but especially black women and white women. And I’m focusing on these 2 because these are the 2 groups of women that affect me the most. I’m black and I prefer white women. Because black and white women overwhelmingly prefer their own race of men, that often presents a problem for me. Often times the women who are interested in me are black, darker skinned women from other groups, or unattractive white women. But the women I’m more attracted to are usually white women and lighter skinned women from other groups.

Black women will approach me, talk to me, let me know in one way or another that they are interested. If I was interested in them, all I would have to do is take them. I wouldn’t even have to work that hard for it. But the good-looking white women usually aren’t interested in me. Most of them are cordial if it has to do with business. But they’re not usually romantically interested in me, or even interested in being close friends with me. With them if any contact is made at all, I’m the one that has to approach them, start a conversation, and let them know I’m interested. And of course they won’t be interested.

That’s not fair. I would prefer if the black and dark skin women generally ignored me and acted as if I didn’t exist; and that the good-looking white and lighter skinned women talked to me and were interested in both romantic relationships with me and close friendships. That’s not fair, it should be the other way around for me. That would work better and I’d be much happier. There are some good looking black women (and obviously there are ugly white women), but generally speaking I am less attracted to black women than lighter women. I prefer the style and beauty of the good looking white women. I guess black women have style and beauty too, it’s just that there’s isn’t that attractive or appealing to me.

And on the flip side of the coin, most men are more open to dating outside of their race. A lot of black, Asian, Indian, and Polynesian men are like me, and they like white women and lighter women. And white men like Asian and Hispanic women, along with white women. The exception is Western Europe which tends to be a little more progressive and open than the rest of the world on interracial dating and marriage. Especially when the combination is black/white. In Western Europe, white women are more open to dating black men; and black women and white men are more open to dating each other. Not like here in america where both groups are cordial with each but particular about not dating interracially.

I would prefer if white and black women weren’t so goddamn racist in their dating preference and insistent about only pursuing men of their race. I know everyone can date and be interested in whoever they want, and I don’t wish to force otherwise on anyone. But it’s annoying when black women who I’m usually not attracted to are presumptive and just have to come talk to me. I wish they would just go talk to someone else instead. Black women don’t need to jump for joy or go coocoo for cocoa puffs every time they see me. The pretty white women are supposed to do that. Not everybody’s just about dating their own race. And what’s wrong with the pretty white ladies getting romantically involved with me? Why are black and white women so insistent on their race of men? So much for the feminist view that men are usual perpetrators of racism. It’s outrageous if women hate men of other races and pretty much don’t want any contact with them other than brief cordial communication for business. Black women and white women are racist and perpetuate racism. They apparently have very stubborn racist beliefs that people should just date their own color (Not all women obviously. I am generalizing just a little bit. This post does not refer to all women, or all white and black women. I’m generalizing a bit based on my own experiences).